Condo updates – New photos as of Dec 5th, 2009!

Here are the latest photos of the Crucita condominium project taken just 5 days ago as the 6th story floor was poured. Construction progress is marching on at a steady clip and is very much on schedule.

Here are the workers prepping the rebar for the base of the sixth story:

Here is a view of the sixth story from the top of their first condo project:

and here is the view of both projects from below. Interest is building as the project gets closer to completion and so now is the time to get a new condo. See our Condos webpage for more details, photos, and pricing information.

Beachfront Condo in Ecuador for Christmas anyone? Prices start at $57,077!

Major price reduction on Lot 7! Price lowered by $5000!

We’ve done some soul searching and decided that we’d rather turn over our properties quickly rather than sit on them until the market appreciates to our asking price. We want to keep things moving!

We’ve therefore decided to lower our asking price on Lot 7 from $30,000 to $25,000! Lot 7 has been the hottest lot on our website and we’ve received a number of interested calls and emails, but no sale. So here it is… $5000 off. Be the one to get this great lot where beachfront lots are hard to find. This is a solid investment that will appreciate in the future and a great place to build your own beach escape. Take another look at Lot 7 and get in touch now!