Condo construction update! Impressive work in 2 weeks.

It’s been two about two weeks since I put up the condo page and I’ve already received much interest. The builders are excited and the construction is moving ahead at full steam. The floor that was poured on July 29th has dried and the rebar structure and molds are about ready to pour the next floor. They are moving at a rate of over one floor per month. Quite impressive.
Here’s a shot from the beach.

And a close-up

and a very close-up.

Check out our CONDOS page for pricing and payment information. This area is appreciating quickly and I strongly feel that a %50 down-payment (~$28,000) would be a great way to lock in a price. When the building is completed, there will be a chance to get a direct return as property values will have risen… or just have your own nice condo with the best views and in the best location in Crucita.

One thought on “Condo construction update! Impressive work in 2 weeks.

  1. Tom: I own the lot next Raul's place 65×100. I did not know about the development until I saw your info. Looks like it will be a nice Condo. Ed Orton. my email is ed.orton@

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