Retroblog 3 – Puerto Lopez, Isla de la Plata, and whale watching (July 14-16)

After finishing up in Guayaquil we took off using the regional busses to get to Puerto Lopez. We had a one hour traffic jam on the road so we arrived in about 5 hours. Here’s my folks getting situated for the ride. They had front row seats which gave my Dad plenty of legroom (nice) and gave my Mom a clear view out the front window (a bit more excitement than she was after!). After our one-hour delay, our driver tried to make up time which made for some exciting twists and turns. Local transportation takes some getting used to but adds some extra flavor to the trip!

The next day we left at a reasonable 9AM and spent the day on the water and on Isla de la Plata. Within just a few minutes of departing from Puerto Lopez we saw a pod of humpback whales!

Magnificent creatures! One the one hour trip out to the island we saw at least two other pods.
We went for a three hour hike at Isla de la Plata along the Putna Machete trail. The nesting blue-footed boobies barely flinch when your 3 feet away. We also saw Nazca boobies, pelicans, and frigate birds in droves.
The views on the island are enchanting and and very reminiscent of the Galapagos Islands.

After the hike we took the boat to the shoreline of Isla de la Plata for lunch and some snorkeling.
After the boat ride back we spent one more night in Puerto Lopez (At a great place called Hostal Mandala) then packed up, hopped (all four of us plus bags) on a mototaxi and headed for the bus station and eventually on to Crucita.
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