Where do we work?

One of our frequently asked questions is where our beachfront property listings and projects are located.

And the Answer is (drumroll): Ecuador’s Central coast in the province of Manabi between Manta and Canoa.

However, for the many folks who are just delving into learning about Ecuador this doesn’t mean much. Clearly we need to add more maps to our site to help people get their bearings.

Below are a couple of maps that show where we work. I will be adding these in some prominent place on our website shortly (you can click on the maps to see an enlarged image).

I used these maps in our 25 page Ecuador Resource Guide that can be downloaded for free when subscribing to our mailing list. If you haven’t signed up and received this guide, please consider doing so! The resource guide is loaded with lots of insider tips that will help you in planning your visit to Ecuador’s coast, whether you’re looking for real estate investments, a retirement destination or just an affordable vacation.

Orange rectangle indicates the region where we have development projects and list real estate properties

Some of the common cities and towns in this region

A note to the more tech savvy among us: Over the next week or so we will also be adding more .kmz files to our property listings so you can explore the area for yourself using Google Earth.



Happy About Our Casitas Development, the Weather and Bio-luminescence

Just a quick post of our son Kai enjoying the beach today out in front of our construction project here in Crucita, Casitas del Sol. These beachfront town homes are really looking great! Only two of the five of are still available. And even though the remaining units will be in the second row, they will still have fantastic oceanviews.  Check out our Casitas page to learn more!  http://www.ecuadorbeachfrontproperty.com/casitasdelsol.html

The climate here on the coast this past week is honestly as good as it gets–bright sunny days in the mid-80s.  No rain now for over a week–seems like the rainy season is wrapping up and the nights are beginning to cool down a bit.

One of our buyers of the Casitas project told me today that she and her husband sat on their balcony last night totally mesmerized by the glowing phosphorescence in the waves each time they crashed ashore. Tom and I have seen phosphorescence (also called bio-luminescence) in the Caribbean and in the Gulf of Mexico but were thrilled to learn of it here as well. I guess we haven’t spent enough time gazing at the water at night!