The Whales are Back

From roughly the end of June through September, the humpback whales can be seen along Ecuador’s coastline. Each year they make the long migration from¬†Antarctica to breed in Ecuador’s warm Pacific waters.

Breaching humpback whale. BTW, I stole this image from Check out that site to learn more about whales in Ecuador.

To attract the ladies, male whales put on an impressive display of showmanship, launching their 40 ton bodies out the water, slapping their gargantuan tails against the water surface and spewing water like Old Faithful from their blowhole. The bigger the performance, the better their chances of being selected by a discriminating lady whale.

By far the most popular place for whale watching in Ecuador is Puerto Lopez. Whale watching boat tours leave daily and offer the option of also visiting Isla de la Plata where ¬†three species of boobies (masked, red-footed, and blue-footed) can be seen. 

Mama blue-footed booby and her new baby

This time of year is the booby breeding season too and you are likely to see lots of adorable baby birds standing alongside their nests which are located on the ground amongst the desert scrub.
Fortunately for me and Tom, it is also possible to see the humpbacks (and an occasional blue-footed booby) from our stretch of beach here in Crucita. Just yesterday a couple of our clients watched several breaching whales in amazement from the deck of Hostal Cruzita.
Love this time of year!