Shrimp Season is Here

Tom and I are having a hard time getting sick of eating shrimp. In the past week or so, I’ve featured shrimp in a coconut rice dish (made with fresh coconuts of course) , in a curried mango soup (yup, the mangoes are local too), served them over pasta in a garlic butter sauce, and the list goes on and on. Such high quality meals!

At the moment, it’s mostly the prawns that are available. In Spanish, prawn is “langostino” which translates to “little lobster.” A couple nights ago, Tom and I joyfully mused on the accuracy of that analogy as we dipped sweet and succulent sauteed shrimp into butter.

Prawns, fresh as can be (caught the same day) can be purchased for $5.50/lb. The smaller guys go for around $3/lb.