Ecuador, Hawkswood, and adventure

Each of us searching the internet for information on Ecuador is looking for something particular… retirement, ecotopia, adventure, new life experiences, culture, investment, a living solution that provides a high quality of life at a low cost of living… the list goes on.
Lynn and I seem to be drawn from place to place trying to find a healthy mix of science and adventure. We were so happy to find our little niche in Ecuador because it has offered us an amazing beach-base to work from, access to great food and local-living, an amazing country to explore, a beautiful beach to wander on in the evenings, and a paragliding launch just a short hike from our door.
But don’t be mistaken… we’ve always had a traveling itch that needs scratching and can’t help but keep moving around. To that end we have created a small network of good folks to help us sell and maintain our properties and get new folks introduced to the region so the gears can keep turning even while we’re away.
Right now, Lynn and I are doing some foreign traveling… strangely enough… in the US! If you read our little “about us” blurb you’ll see that we have a dream of doing scientific work while traveling around the world on our sailboat – Hawkswood… As we were formerly based in Chicago the first step is removing our boat from land-locked status… and we’re working on that right now!
I’m writing from a dock in Peoria, IL as the waves lap up against the side of Hawkswood… we’re headed down the inland waterway system to the Gulf of Mexico and then to Florida… That’s right… from Chicago to the Gulf via rivers and waterways. Our travel plans are still open after that but after the few weeks we’ve spent in the cold so far… southern latitudes are screaming our names! If you’d like to follow us, please take a look at our other blog! The photo below is Hawkswood at anchor near Buffalo Rock State Park in Illinois.
Eduardo and Paola are happily showing lots in Ecuador and helping both new and old investors get acquainted with the area. Lynn and I generally have good access to email to help answer any questions. If our planned river route (Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, Tenn-Tombigbee) passes through your neighborhood please do get in touch. Maybe we can meet up to talk all things Ecuador! Of course, when lots do sell we’ll gladly be making the trip to Ecuador to help go through the paperwork process in person. We should be back early next year when it’s time to take a break from the first of our sailing adventures.
Please do get in touch if we’re coming through your neighborhood or planning a trip to Ecuador soon!