Beach house for rent

Bill Gabel, our first customer, just arrived at his renovated beachhouse yesterday. It’s now fully furnished with hot water and internet. Bill will be here in Ecuador with his family for the next few weeks and is looking to rent his place once he’s gone. Send me an email if you’re interested and we can discuss prices. This would be a great place for those wishing to “test the water” before they make any final decisions to live in Ecuador. I’ll have more images of the furnished home up as soon as I get back to the coast.

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Amazon water quality slideshow

I recently added some descriptions to our photos. We’re also working on maps that will be posted soon on our website. Looks like we’ll be back in the field come friday… this time heading into the more mountainous portions of the Aguarico and Putumayo watersheds. We’re getting excited again and had a great time going over the monitoring protocols today with a large outgoing group of Cofan park guards.

Here’s the last couple weeks in a nutshell: